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Business Consultation

On-Demand consultation that grants you access to expertise of business consultant. Provided monthly as needed to assist you in starting or managing your business.

Gain email, Skype, phone and face-to-face consultations with a business consultant as you need it.

Business Planning

Provides the data and analysis necessary to start a business or structure an existing business. Business plans include a marketing plan and business model with pricing structure.

Professionally developed plans that contain industry and market data and how to start and structure your business.

Web-Based Systems

Manage your clients and business in the Cloud with web-based business management systems. Let customers complete tasks online such as set appointments or complete a consultation.

Give your customers their own unique username and password to manage their entire account online! Our web-based systems automate many business tasks.

Our Products 

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Our products have fixed prices and times so you know the exact costs and time to develop your product. Your consultation will determine which products are best suited for your business. The 100% stamp is because MOST of our clients are repeat customers!

Web-Based Systems Features

  • Deploy Web-Based Systems to Automate and Streamline Business Tasks
  • Clients Can Schedule Appointments Online
  • Generate Email List with Optin Landing Page
  • Deploy a Complete CRM System and Manage Entire Account Online
  • eCommerce Websites Optimized for Sales
Days to Delivery

Business Plan Features

  • Industry, Market and Competition Data Analysis
  • Business Systems to Structure Your Business
  • Marketing and Sales Programs to Earn Revenue
  • Product Portfolio Complete with Pricing Model
  • Business Licenses and Regulations Analysis to Operate Offically
Days to Delivery

Monetize Plan Features

  • Know Your Primary and Target Markets
  • Learn Who Is Your Ideal Customer
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Business Positioning Model
  • Marketing & Sales Programs and Their Costs!
  • Product Portfolio with Pricing Models and Much More!
Days to Delivery

Optimize Plan Features

  • Identify Gaps, Bottlenecks and Resource Constraints in Your Business Systems
  • Reduce Expenses by Eliminating Wasteful Processes
  • Implement Optimized Business Systems and Measure for Effectiveness
  • Develop More Profitable Business Model by Implementing Efficient Systems
Days to Delivery

Non-Profit Plan Features

  • Incorporate Your Non-Profit With By-Laws
  • Completed Form 1023 for IRS Tax-Exempt Status
  • Service-Delivery System and Programs Included
  • Programmatic and Administrative Budgets With Financials
Days to Delivery

Strategic Plan Features

  • Achieve Long-Term Visionary Goals
  • Statistical Data and Analysis on Target Populations and Community
  • Value-Adding Service Delivery System and Programs
  • Complete SWOT Analysis, Pro-Forma Financial Statements and Gantt Chart to Implement Programs
Days to Delivery

Business Consultation Features

  • On-Demand Access to Business Consultant
  • Gain Answers to Questions Via Email, Phone and Face-to-Face Consultations
  • Assigned Tasks and Projects that Will be Evaluated by Consultant
  • Coached Entrepreneurs Obtain Discounts on Other Services
Days to Delivery

Grant Writing Features

  • Narrative, Program Process Map and Budgets Included
  • Detailed Research Data and Analysis on Target Population
  • Performance Metrics and Benchmarks Included
  • Program Schedule and Gantt Chart for Program Implementation
Days to Delivery

Our Pricing 

Competitive Prices Making Professional Business Consultation Affordable

Web-Based Systems

  • Single-Function Systems
  • Management Systems
  • eCommerce Websites

Business Planning

  • Business Plans
  • Monetize Plans
  • Optimize Plans

Business Consultation

  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
  • Diamond Package

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